CSTS Pittsburgh - A mighty fine shindig with a gorram shiny mission!

Raising money for Equality Now since 2006.

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Buy your tickets for CSTS Pittsburgh 2010! This year's screening is August 6, 2010 at the Rex Theater on E Carson St, South Side. Doors open at 7pm, movie starts at 8:15pm. Please note that the $10 fee is a suggested donation ; if you would like to offer a different amount, please contact us to arrange for that.

A $5 shipping charge is automatically added to your order. Use the drop-down below to select whether you'd like to apply that $5 to raffle tickets or have the money refunded.

(If you buy your tickets online, your $5 will get you TEN RAFFLE TICKETS, as opposed to only 7 at the door - shiny!)

There is an unrefundable 5% (50-cent) charge per ticket to cover PayPal fees.

Tickets will be $15 at the door, so buying in advance is strongly encouraged!